Stephen Akinsanya successfully represents Scottish Featherweight Champion, Jonathan Slowey, at the sports arbitration hearing following his ban for using cocaine out of competition. Although Cocaine is a non-specified substance, Mr Slowey had committed an anti-doping rules violation and was subject to a mandatory period of illegibility of 4 years. It was argued successfully that  Mr Slowey bore no significant fault was not significant, having regard to the extent of the psychological disorder, clinical depression and anxiety disorder from which he was suffering at the time when he consumed the cocaine. The period of illegibility was reduced by two years.

Download the full case decision here

R-v-Leka and others ( Central Criminal Court)- Murder-Successfully defended 15 year old subsequently convicted of wounding with intent.

R-v- Okoro ( Central Criminal Court) – NHS Dr convicted partially on counts of possessing extreme pornography and an indecent image of a child. Suspended sentence

UKAD-v- Slowey Successfully represented former Scottish Featherweight boxing Champion at a sports arbitration hearing following an interim ban for using Cocaine out of competition. Successfully argued for a reduction to the mandatory sentence after arguing ‘no significant fault’. 4 year ban reduced to 2 years.

R-v- Waya (Proceeds of crime) Supreme Court of England and Wales
Junior counsel before the Supreme Court, in an appeal relating to the approach to the assessment of the benefit figure in proceeds of crime confiscation hearings, in cases of electronic fund transfers. [2012] UKSC 51 on appeal from [2010] EWCA Crim 412

R-v- Belzaire (Murder) Supreme Court of Turks and Caicos Islands
Lead counsel in the murder trial of Dwayne Belazaire, who spent two years in custody awaiting trial on allegations of rape, murder and buggery. Successfully argued against the admissibility of illegally obtained evidence.

R-v- Holloway ( Murder) Luton Crown Court
Lead counsel,made a successful submission of no case to answer following cross-examination of three principal witnesses

R-v- Carth (Murder) Central Criminal Court
Junior where the case against the defendant was stopped after 16 days, for the murder of James Oyebola, the former British Heavyweight Champion

R-v-Celaire (Murder) Central Criminal Court
Junior where the defendant was cleared of murder in 2002 only for the Court of Appeal (before the Lord Chief Justice) to quash the acquittal on the grounds of fresh evidence following his admission to the murder and late the attempted murder of another victim. It was third cases of the new ‘double jeopardy’ law.

R-v- James (Murder) Luton Crown Court
Successful submission of ‘no case to answer’ before Mr Justcie Treacy in the ‘Wardown Park Murder.’

R-v- Mutede (False instruments; obtaining by deception) Court of Appeal
Appeal to the Court of appeal reported case 2Cr. App.R.(S) 22

R-v- Braybrooks (Murder) Luton Crown Court
Appeal to the Court of Appeal reported case 1Cr. App.R. (S) 114

R-v- Conopo (perverting the course of public justice) Northampton Crown Court
Successfully represented a private paying client

R-v- James and Theresa Ibori (Fraud and money laundering) Southwark Crown Court
Junior counsel in two trials, for the former Governor of Delta State and his wife.

R-v- Dean (perverting the course of public justice) Bournemouth Crown Court
Successfully represented a private paying client

R-v- Ourouhu (assault occasioning actual bodily harm) Snaresbrook Crown Court
Successfully represented a private paying client

R-v- Obadiaru (People trafficking) Central Criminal Court
Achieved a lenient sentence based on significant mitigation

Re: Adrian Gibson (Coroner’s Inquest) Turks and Caicos Islands