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In addition to professional clients, lay clients can now also chose to approach a barrister directly on a private fee arrangement despite their eligibility for legal aid thus allowing the client to instruct a competent and experienced barrister of his or her choice!

Clients save on the expense of instructing a barrister and solicitor. They no longer encounter the barrier to the provision of barristers services, effectively cutting out ‘the middle man’ when seeking advice and representation. These services include giving advice, drafting documents and court appearances.

What type of work can a barrister do under PA?
A barrister can be instructed to undertake all areas of work under public access with the exception of engaging in ‘litigation’, which solicitors conduct.

How does it work?
Stephen Akinsanya can be contacted by telephone or email in the first instance. If Stephen is to be instructed by the client then he will send out a client care letter which will set out what is expected of both the client and Stephen. Usually Stephen will meet the client face to face. At that conference he will be able to advise the client on the strength of the case and what action should be taken. Stephen is able to draft contracts, court documents, assist with the gathering of evidence, preparation of witness statements and letters for use by the client. Stephen can appear in court or in mediation on behalf of a PA client or may be able to negotiate for the client.

Direct Public Access to Barristers

Practice Areas

Criminal trials and appeals
Serious Crime, Criminal fraud, Road traffic offences

Inquests and Public Inquiries, Regulatory

Contractual disputes and Commercial transactions


Arbitration and Mediation, Dispute resolution

Bethel Barristers Direct

Bethel Barristers Direct

Through Bethel Barristers Direct Stephen Akinsanya offers a full range of Barrister services directly to the client. In 2004 a revolutionary change to the English legal system took place allowing individuals, organisations and companies to directly instruct barristers on legal issues. Most legal disputes can now be dealt with by instructing a Barrister directly, thus avoiding unnecessary solicitor fees.

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